View Full Version : Fomalux 111 Fiber Silver Chloride Paper - Anyone Tried It?

Michael Kadillak
20-Aug-2012, 20:52
More curious than anything. I tried some of this paper that had an RC finish and just could not get past the matt finish. I used it for proofs.


Daniel Stone
20-Aug-2012, 22:00
tried it, didn't like it finish-wise. I was using the fiber-based stuff. I just use Lodima now :)

and Ilford MGWT for enlargements


21-Aug-2012, 01:39
I use it for 8x10 contact prints (actually I just made some yesterday night). I like the tones, the finish and the weight. With some devlopers has a greenish cast, I don't remember if it was Agfa Neutol or Ilford Multigrade. Now I develop it with homebrew E72 and tone it with Selenium for about 1 minute and it's pretty neutral. Toning for longer periods turns the tones to brown.

Lodima is way better but a lot more expensive here in Europe.