View Full Version : Whats Gennart?

John Kasaian
24-Feb-2004, 22:36
I won a large compound shutter on e-bay that came with a lens, a 10-1/2" Gennart. I wasn't too concerned since what I really wanted was the shutter, but now I'm curious, just what is a Gennart? Any good? It sounds like maybe its a graphic arts lens? Anyone out there ever heard of the brand, or use one?------------Cheers!

domenico Foschi
25-Feb-2004, 00:39
Sorry John, i can't help you , but i have some bad news for you.... You didn't really win the item , you are going to have to pay for it... : - #

Dan Fromm
25-Feb-2004, 05:06
Do a web search on G. Gennert.

IIRC, NYC photo equipment dealer.

John Kasaian
25-Feb-2004, 09:12
Thanks, Dan.