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20-Aug-2012, 17:16
Have a few questions about the 20 x 24 Polaroid.

1) How much per shot was the film or / is the cost of the film if it is still available? (I did a quick search and could not find any film.)

2) Does the film for the 20 x 24 come in packs like the small Polaroid film did? Or is it single sheets that must be loaded in film holders?

3) How exactly is it pulled or rolled out to pocess?


Greg Davis
20-Aug-2012, 18:30
Ten years ago I believe it was roughly $1800 for one roll, which created 10 prints. It was a roll of film material that was exposed, then dispensed from the camera, pressed against a receiving paper that included the chemicals similar to the 8x10 polaroid stuff. However, I may be completely misinformed.

21-Aug-2012, 06:58
here is the link:

Here is the price list for rental:)

Best wishes

22-Aug-2012, 05:06
Frank Petronio did some work with the one in NY last year, I'm sure he can give you the lowdown.......

Greg Bliss
22-Aug-2012, 06:44
10-12 years ago I did a workshop with view camera mag. in chicago and in the same building the polaroid camera was set up- studio ready with an assistant and it was about $65.00 per shot ( this was an addition to the work shop price in the other studio) Hope this helps.

Frank Petronio
22-Aug-2012, 07:00
I think the price varies and is somewhat negotiable depending on who, what, and where. But it will still be several thousand dollars per session regardless - don't expect any sob story to grant you some magical cheap access. I've been quoted $1200 for the studio plus $300 per pull, I suspect once they know you and trust that you're not a jerk then they might have some flexibility but even at half off it isn't for the poor to dabble with. Different locations have different overhead and techs. You have to work with a tech and it makes sense to do it this way, you don't want to mess up. Also the materials are limited, I don't think they are making any more so as the supply runs out, the prices will increase.

If I were slackercruster I would expect them to raise their prices especially for him ;-p

Seriously it is so expensive that I think it inhibits risk taking and experimentation, which is why most people make pretty similar 20x24s. The tech who work with the camera actually have the strongest work with it, they are amazing but it also makes sense that they would be the most adept with it. But it is funny to see someone like Albert Watson's results look very much like some no-name's results, and a lot of the work by well-known photographers is rather ordinary and generic with it. There are a lot of technical and practical limitations of course.

Do a Kickstarter hahaha

3-Sep-2012, 09:48
Frank did the 20 x 24 with Lori and I. It was about $1000 for a 1/2 day + $200 per exposure. We took 5 in a long 1/2 day. The film is on a roll and in pulled down for exposure then cut off for the pull..

Check out my flicker for the pics