View Full Version : Wray 8 inch Wide Angle f6.8

Jim Galli
24-Feb-2004, 19:45
Has arrived this evening. Pretty coated glass. Lens Vade Mecum compares this to a 6.8 Angulon but in reflecting a bright source into one of it's elements and an element from my 9 1/2 Dagor, for the life of me they look identical. Same pattern of brights and ghosts. Does anyone know if it is a Dagor formula and how it performs? Of course I'll go make a pic or two and try to get a feel for myself but just wondered if anyone else has used one. I don't have a single Angulon about the place to further compare it to.

Bob Fowler
24-Feb-2004, 20:33
Hmmm... Is the Wray convertable like an Angulon?

N Dhananjay
24-Feb-2004, 20:44
The Angulon is a reversed Dagor design - the power of the elements in each triplet is reversed from the order in a Dagor. Performance is similar to a Dagor. Cheers, DJ

Andrew Crump
25-Feb-2004, 04:21
wray had a variety of wide angles Im sure the 210 6.8 is a dagor type,theres also a 240 6.8 dagor type of similar vintage,and then a later 178 6.3 series 2 wide angle(possibly gauss/topogon type) with a much bigger front elements.Wray coatings can on some of the lenses be a little weak.I have all these lenses but havent taken an image(have clarons instead)-they dont easily fit into a shutter. I will be very interested to hear what you think about them normally wray lenses are sharp but slightly lower in contrast that german equivalents.