View Full Version : Polaroid conversion the search continues

20-Aug-2012, 11:52
Recently on this forum a Italian Architect announced his development of a new conversion for the 110A and 110B Polaroid Land camera,



This is something that interest me particularly as it appears to involve just removing a few pins and a quick focus adjustment . Ah if only. Having just purchased the back I though it might be a good idea just to give a mini review of the product and though it is also posted in the business section, it just in case you miss it here it is again

Having just received one of Marcos backs I am afraid to say it is not quite ready for the open market, on the credit size it fits perfectly but that is where the plus points stop. There are a number of fundamental flaws, to start you need to refocus using a ground glass screen ( not provided) and the range finder to recalibrate the focus which is straightforward apart from the small point that the new point of infinity is halfway down the rail and it needs tape to hold it, there is no way of securing the front without it. The holder will take a Graphmatic but not a DDS making it a very niche product indeed, and finally because of the design itself and the need to cut away the top left hand corner of the back to allow you to use the view finder it is not light tight. The conclusion is that this is very much a work in progress and you might want to wait for all the problems to be resolved before looking at this product as a viable option for a polaroid conversion . As for my back I will send to my camera engineer to get the focus resolved and fortunately I have about 15 Graphmatic film holders, I am sure some black velvet can be used to make a light trap but my overall impression is that when a product is launched with out testing it thoroughly problems will occur and though credit must go to attempting this conversion Marco might have been better served by doing just that .