View Full Version : Gitzo 564 Mono Studex Monopod

19-Aug-2012, 19:33

Does anyone have this monopod?

I can't find any info on this guy and I am specifically looking for specs like weight capacity, max length, folded length, weight etc.

I am assuming since its a Gitzo, its build quality will be beyond reproach?

I would appreciate any info.



John Koehrer
21-Aug-2012, 19:51
As a Studex it's likely to be a series 3 monopod. Their site no longer has the 564 listed and in an aluminum type has only series 2 showing. In CF they have an equivalent to series 3. There's a thread at RFF about it. It shows up on the first page of a google search.

22-Aug-2012, 09:45
Thanks...I sent a question through the gitzo website and I got a pretty clueless response.

Anyways, I got the monopod today and it reads "gitzo France"......it is impressive. I am happy with the build quality.