View Full Version : Hugo Meyer Goerlitz lens

Herb Cunningham
19-Aug-2012, 10:37
I sold my field 8x10, so I don't use this lens anymore. It is a 180mm f9 the lens has on it " Weitwinkel-Aristostigmat", sn; 328711.

Sharkey mounted it for me in a Copal #1 press shutter a few years back.

Question: is it coated? I can see no marks on the lens anywhere, which leads me to believe it is not coated.

Anybody know the coverage?

Louis Pacilla
19-Aug-2012, 21:09
Hey Herb

It looks like the coverage is 8x10 at full aperture and covers up to 100 degrees stopped all the way down.

Here ya go.

BTW-If you click twice on the attachment you can then hit the (Ctrl) key & the (+) key you can magnify the attachment a good bit. This way you can see the print.:)