View Full Version : 4X5 film holders and Film Pack Adapter

Andy Montebello
21-Feb-1999, 22:37
Bought some 4X5 Graflex sheet film holders and a 4X5 Graflex Film Pack Adapter.

Film holders are about 3/16" too wide for the back of my Super Graflex. They ar e also about 1/4" shorter than some new sheet film holders I have been using. T he Film Pack Adaptor is too wide to be held by the sliding clips on the back.

Is there any way to use these with my Super Graflex?


Tony Brent
23-Feb-1999, 00:52
It sounds like you have holders meant for the Graflex single lens reflex camera, instead of the Speed Graphic. They are different, as you noticed. Other than th e size difference, yours probably are flat on the face with a groove near the da rk slide end of the holder. The standard 4x5 holders have a ridge instead of a s lot.

You might want to go to the Graflex site www.graflex.org, and inquire.