View Full Version : "SHOOTING THE WEST" Winnemucca Nevada March 12-14

Jim Galli
24-Feb-2004, 11:02
Just registered for this. Anybody else going? Al Weber and John Sexton are participants. Sounds like fun. Schedule of events is HERE. (http://www.winnemucca.nv.us/docs/stw04.htm) Not technically just LF so chastise me if you wish.

Michael Kadillak
24-Feb-2004, 12:30
The agenda looks very attractive and well thought out. What are the seminar registration fees?

Thanks for the heads up.

Jim Galli
24-Feb-2004, 13:14
Registration for the whole thing is $85 and rooms are a whopping $25 a night.

steve simmons
24-Feb-2004, 15:50
View Camera or CameraArts would be interested in reviewing work done during this workshop for a possible article.

steve simmons

Jan Pietrzak
24-Feb-2004, 18:57

I think that Al Weber used a 4x5 once or twice, does that count. I hope you have a great time.

Jan Pietrzak,

ps best to take a bottle of Jack in case of snake bites or was that to prevent snake bites

Jim Galli
24-Feb-2004, 19:34
Jan, LOL! Jack and plenty of his buddy, 2 buck chuck. The snakes wouldn't dare. jg

Jan Pietrzak
24-Feb-2004, 19:40

When didi yhey put a TJ's in Tona-pagh. The next time I am in DV I will have to visit, both TJSs and you. Jan Pietrzak

ps, or was that the Beatty store.

Jay DeFehr
25-Feb-2004, 23:22
I might mosey on down that way. The Dufurrena family are friends of mine, and I've never had anything other than a great time in that neighborhood. I'll have to bring a driver, though.

Jim Galli
26-Feb-2004, 08:49
Hi Jan. No TJ's in T'pah. We're importers. 4-6 cases in the trunk aids vehicular stability while driving in the snow........which it's doing NOW. If you ever get out this way I hope you'll say hello. Jay, hope to see you there.

Jan Pietrzak
26-Feb-2004, 12:20

Lets see March 1st, April, May, part of June, maybe if not you may see me mid October and on. See if Weber can talk you into coming to Colorado in early June I should be doing a 4x5/Pt/Pd/architecture workshop (5 days) in Victor Colorado. 2 weeks at 9700ft should just be fine.

Talk to you soon Jan Pietrzak

J.L. Kennedy
26-Feb-2004, 12:32
Anyone interested in carpooling from Southern California? Or even from Northern California.

J.L. Kennedy
26-Feb-2004, 20:35
Also, where are the $25 rooms?

Jim Galli
26-Feb-2004, 21:11
J.L., we booked at Winners Hotel and Casino right across the street from the Convention center. Never been there...don't know a thing about it so can't recommend from experience. They have 125 rooms.

Jon Wilson
29-Feb-2004, 10:53

I am hoping I can convince my better half that we should attend. Or it she can't, maybe I still could. Who would I contact to pre-register? It looks like a GREAT opportunity and it is only relatively short drive from Boise. Thanks.

Jim Galli
29-Feb-2004, 11:11
Jon, you can register here: (https://secure.winnemucca.nv.us/shootingthewest.htm) and find lodging here: (http://www.winnemucca.nv.us/winnemucca/preview/sitenav.asp?iTopic=ShowBiz2&param=37) See you there.

John Kasaian
1-Mar-2004, 17:56

I'd love to go, but Disney "Princesses on Ice" is coming to Fresno that weekend. If any of you good folks attending need an excuse to down a shot of snakebite medicine, have one for me! Winnemucca is a great place to be(unless you're a sheep!) For a fun time(not that kind!) see if the Matys Brothers are performing at any of the casinos.;-)---------Cheers!

Jim Galli
15-Mar-2004, 09:08
For any interested:
We had a fabulous time. Much inspiration from John Sexton's 5 hour presentation. Al Weber is a national treasure! REALLY fun to meet with him and get 1 on 1 critique of my portfolio with much needed positive affirmation, and his 2 presentations were both without any living peer! We would have gone for just those 2 but the many other speakers were also a total blast and we have much needed inspiration to keep on keeping on. Richard Menzie's portfolio was a wonderful show. Just excellent! Keep it in mind for next year. A true bargain.

Jon Wilson
15-Mar-2004, 09:27
I would definitely concur! It was my first time at this seminar and would encourage attendance. The cost was less than $200 for the seminar registration and 2 nites at a local casino. Very laid back atmosphere and insightful. Thanks for recommending it JIM!