View Full Version : What size EA Pillbox lens is this?????

Jim Graves
17-Aug-2012, 10:56
The pictured lens belongs to a gentleman who wishes to list it on ebay.

I’m trying to help him get his listing correct so the buyer gets what he/she is expecting.
I’m hoping someone here has the same lens and can compare the measurements of the physical size of the lens.

An ad for the lenses lists two stereoscopic versions (6.5” and 9” FL) and four single sizes (10”, 12”, 15”, and 20”)

78944 78945

Here are the other measurements he gave me:
1. Diameter of the glass in back: 2 1/8”
2. Diameter of the front openig: 1”
3. Outside diameter of the mounting flange: 4”
4. Length from the back of the lens to the front: 3 ”

He “guesstimates” the focal length to be 17” … but I also told him to measure the FL of a 19” Artar that came with this one and he came up with 21” using a ruler and focusing outside through a window. So, if he’s off about the same amount on the pillbox, it is probably the 15” one. On the other hand, I think he measured to the back of the lens, and if the FL on these were measured from the washer aperture in the front, it might be the 20”.

Anybody got one of these and can solve this for him???

Steven Tribe
18-Aug-2012, 02:30
I don't have an identical lens, but the equivalent Perken, Smith & Rayment "optimus" landscape meniscus which is very close to your friend's items specifications.

This is 18" focal length (Catalogue data), marked for 12x10" and has a glass diameter of 2 1/2".
In the catalogue, 14" was 10x8, 12" for 9x7 etc.

The makers of landscape meniscus were quite close to each, except Dallmeyer who had 2 versions.
Dallmeyers normal had glass diameters of 2.125" for 15"/10x8" and 2.6" for 18"/12x10".
So it is for 12x10". This was quite a common size in the good old days, whilst the bigger ones are fairly uncommon.