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17-Aug-2012, 02:43
Hi, I'm looking to buy some bellows for my 5x4 camera, an M.P.P.

I currently have regular card bellows but I want to attach some that would be suitable for use outside, like nylon ones. My question is this: will any 5x4 bellows fit the camera or do I need a specific brand/style of bellows to fit my camera?

Thanks for your help


17-Aug-2012, 06:47
Bellows are usually specific for camera's make and sometimes model. Even if bellows dimension matches, you need need frames on its both ends that fit your standards.

Steven Tribe
17-Aug-2012, 08:15
There is a section especialy for "for sale and wanted" which you can use after a month.

Small folding cameras will need a very precisely dimensioned replacement. I say "small" because to-day I have started to make a 110cm long square bellows (much easier than tapered) for a 30x40cm format camera!
There is a MPP owners club in the UK as far as I know.
Camera Bellows (Birmingham) - who have another name now ( Staff Buy-out) - may well have these as a standard stock item.

17-Aug-2012, 08:57
If you've not already had a look at them go to http://www.mppusers.com/ a site dedicated to the MPP cameras.

17-Aug-2012, 09:55
Custom Bellows (formerly Camera Bellows, and before that Glanvilles) would have made the original MPP bellows so will have the patterns.

There were legal issues extracting the company from the previous ownership and Camera Bellows closed down and ceased trading. After a few months the new company Custom Bellows was formed.


22-Aug-2012, 07:38
Hi guys,

Thank you so much for the responses, really helpful. I've spoken to custom bellows and they have given me a quote, however they have said that they can not supply the frames, am I right is assuming the frames are the small metal parts that hold onto either end of the bellows and fit into both ends (lens and ground glass ends) of the camera?

Thanks again

22-Aug-2012, 10:23
Yes that's the frames, I had to make my own when they made some bag bellows for my De Vere in 1976. Luckily mine were just flat aluminium.


Steven Tribe
22-Aug-2012, 10:41
Perhaps the the two frames are still in the "card bellows"? Like Ian, I have no experience of these, but every Graflex, German 9x12 folder I have had used a thin aluminium frame.