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16-Aug-2012, 20:57
Hi chaps,

Looking for some advice on focusing my Cambo 8x10. I'm shooting with a 300mm lens and finding I'm unable to focus correctly due to the mounts on the rail being too wide. Let me illustrate:


If I need to bring the standards closer together, I'm unable to do so as the tripod mount being too wide, so I'm having to do something like:


which makes the camera rather unstable. Is this my only option or am I missing something? Any Cambo 8x10 users out there with any advice?


Dan Fromm
16-Aug-2012, 21:03

This search (cambo clamp) on eBay will find a couple of used ones: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_trksid=p2043519.m570.l1313&_nkw=cambo+clamp&_sacat=625

You'll have to fiddle a bit to get the balance close enough to right.

Brian C. Miller
16-Aug-2012, 21:42
I have a heavy Bogen 3036 (studio) tripod, and with two legs out front and one leg in back, under the rail, it's just fine.

17-Aug-2012, 02:37
Just set it up so the back element is closest to the centre of the tripod.

Bengt Fredén
23-Aug-2012, 04:31
When shooting with shorter lenses, I usually set up my SC 8x10 Cambo the way you have drawn it in your 2nd drawing, only around the rear standard rather than the front one. I have both the SC and the SC-X models, and for the latter this isn't a problem because the clamp travels in a rail of it's own below the focusing rail. For very wide lenses (Super-Angulon, Nikon SW) the single clamp suggested by Dan above is very handy for the regular SC model. However, I try to use the double clamp as often as I can (on both types), for the best stability under long exposures.

Bengt in Stockholm, Sweden.

23-Aug-2012, 04:59
Cheers Bengt. I've actually got the single clamp from my 4x5 Cambo but been a bit concerned about the stability of it. Anyway, might give it a go. I'm sure I tried the rear section between the double clamp but thought it hadn't fit. I'll try again and see how I get on.