View Full Version : An opportunity to shoot aircraft cockpits!

John Kasaian
23-Feb-2004, 09:14
One of my favorite places to shoot is Castle Air Museum in Atwater, CA, with an impressive static display of really cool old millitary aircraft. I found out that they're having an open cockpit day Sunday, 30 May 04. If anyone shoots a handheld lf(like a speed graphic) this might be a unique opportunity. Some of the aircraft scheduled to be open are: F-4, RB-36, F-106, Vulcan bomber(british---remember the James Bond movie "Goldfinger?") FB-111, R5D, C-46, etc... Admission is $10 for adults, $8 for seniors & youth(12-17), $4 for children(6-11) Anyway, it sounds like fun. Their website is www.elite.net/castle-air and nope, I have no connection with the place.-------Cheers!

John Bailey
23-Feb-2004, 14:02

In the spirit of truth, honesty, correct information and good trivia, wasn't the Vulcan bomber in Thunderball?

Seriously, this sounds like a great event!


John Bailey

23-Feb-2004, 14:54
Oh! You mean with cameras!

Alex Hawley
23-Feb-2004, 15:38
John, this is the first time in my life that I'm wishing I was in California. Yes, the Vulcan was in "Thunderball" and is very rare in the USA. The RB-36 is extremely rare also (and extremely large). I wonder if it is the one that was salvaged from Alaska several years ago? Its still one of the largest aircraft ever built.

John Kasaian
23-Feb-2004, 18:27
Sorry for the brain fart! Yes, the Vulcan was in Thunderball---there was even a musical score named for it on the lp soundtrack, as I recall. (Goldfinger had the spiffy Rolls Royce and tricked out Aston Martin!) FWIW, the 'dorff and I were at Castle today and met the gentleman who led the crew in the restoration of the RB-36. I don't know if its the one from Alaska, but I was told it arrived in pieces and filled several railroad cars. -------Cheers!

Mark Sampson
24-Feb-2004, 06:04
Time for that ultra-wide-angle lens. There's not much room in any aircraft cockpit (or "flight deck" as they're called on the big planes).

Matthew Cordery
24-Feb-2004, 23:29
My favorite old large plane was always the Lockheed Constellation. :-) They used to have one sitting at Anchorage International for awhile. Now, I get to look at the Concorde as I drive past Boeing field in Seattle.