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Ed Eubanks
22-Feb-2004, 21:02
My wife and I returned this afternoon from a brief getaway, during which we spent several hours together shooting. One particular location was great, and worth commending to others.
We live in St. Louis, but we traveled to the central part of Missouri near Columbia (where the University of Missouri is); we stayed overnight in Fulton, but this morning drove west to Rocheport (which is just west of Columbia by way of I-70).
We went to the Rocheport entrance onto the Katy Trail while we were there. The Katy Trail is the longest trail among those in the "Rails to Trails program", and Rocheport finds itself about 2/3 of the distance west from the "beginning" at St. Charles, MO. The entire trail is great (or perhaps I should say, all parts that I have been on, and others which I have heard about), but this particular portion provided us with some fun shooting.
About 1/2-mile west of where we got on the trail, we encountered a bridge over a stream (an old railroad tressle, converted to a footbridge, of course), immediately followed by a great tunnel. The tunnel was the only tunnel along that rail line, so it is unique on the Katy Trail. It is cut into what could be described as either a very large hill or a small mountain; one could go over it in a hour or two, I guess, but it would be quite a scramble.
A part of the tunnel is rough-blasted rock, but just before halfway through the tunnel it becomes block and brick into a clean arch. As it emerges out the other side, the block and brick arch finishes right at the exit but there is more rough rock on either side. Both ends of the tunnel have tree and shrub growth around them, so the age of the tunnel is obvious. We spent nearly two hours shooting just the tunnel.
If you go the OTHER direction on the Katy Trail, there are apparently a number of Limestone bluffs that are quite picturesque, as well. We didn't get down that way today, but we may go back.
There are two reasonably priced bed-and-breakfast inns in Rocheport, one of which is right on the Trail (and they have a room built out of an old railcar!). There are also a number of great antique shops and a few good restaurants in this little town, as well as a winery, so it makes for a good place for a non-photographer spouse to visit, as well.
I know that not many of us are from this part of the country, but I thought I would recommend this place.

Steve Baggett
22-Feb-2004, 21:09
To me, such posts are greatly appreciated. I print them all off and place them in a file (which has gotten quite large) of "photogenic places to possibly visit". Yours just became entry three-hundred and something. I live in Memphis so this spot is within "long weekend photo-trip distance" for me. Thanks.

David R Munson
22-Feb-2004, 21:36
Funny you should mention Columbia - I currently live in Columbia. I'll check out this location before I skip town. I need a little pleasure shooting!

Garry Teeple
23-Feb-2004, 10:27
Ed, I live in Columbia and have ridden the KATY trail from Boonville to Mokane. The prettiest section is from Rocheport east to close to Huntsdale, about 5 miles. If you like shooting in Rocheport, try Arrow Rock, about 40 miles west of Columbia on Hwy 41. This old town is a state park and has a lot of great old store fronts. Next time you plan on comming this direction drop me a line and we can get together.

PS: David, nice to hear your are back in Columbia, drop me an email if you would like to get together.