View Full Version : Needing somes Linhof technika III spare part

14-Aug-2012, 08:20
I'm not a english-speaking person and I've somes difficulties to find the good word to define the piece I'm looking for,
so I've taken some pictures to help me.
it's a screw "kneecap" from the back of the camera view.
Photo #1 (http://www.pixyup.com/uploads/13200626502942229ce40.jpg)
Photo#2 (http://www.pixyup.com/uploads/132027555029472bd2469.jpg)
Photo#3 (http://www.pixyup.com/uploads/132027205029470892f53.jpg)
Photo#4 (http://www.pixyup.com/uploads/13202626502946d27b8ca.jpg)
Photo#5 (http://www.pixyup.com/uploads/132024365029466480dd8.jpg)
photo#6 (http://www.pixyup.com/uploads/132029015029476d0f7e2.jpg)
Photo#7 (http://www.pixyup.com/uploads/13203025502947c1086de.jpg)
Photo#8 (http://www.pixyup.com/uploads/132029015029476d0f7e2.jpg)
as you can see on the image #7 the serial number says it's a Technika III .
maybe somebody know somebody that would like to sell spare parts of a linhof

another question : could I use 4 news "screw kneecap" that fits into the hole even it was not made for the Technika III ?
for exemple those from a Linhof Master (those are longer). Could it allow me to do more movements ?

thanks for the help