View Full Version : Ghost Images when filtering interiors

Bob Freund
22-Feb-2004, 13:34
When I photograph interiors (usually public spaces) and the space has individual hanging lights I sometimes get ghost images. I use daylight film so I may have two or three filters in front of the lens with my Lee system. Any way I can get rid of the ghost images.

Robert Lawrence - Fivebyfour Commercial Photography, UK
22-Feb-2004, 14:14
Hi, Bob

Move one of the filters behind the lens and make sure that the remaining filters on the front are as near to the front element as you can and in adjacent slots.

Best wishes, Robert

Armin Seeholzer
22-Feb-2004, 14:37

I would only take one MC srew in glasfilter in front of the lens and use a good lenshood or even better a compendium in the exact position and lee or sinar only behind the lens! Good light!