View Full Version : Where to Get Decently Priced Films?

12-Aug-2012, 20:26
Just wonder what sources you guys use? Buy new films? Or using expired films?

John Kasaian
12-Aug-2012, 21:43
Badger Graphic, Freestyle, and B and H have decent prices.
If you want cheap try x-ray or paper.

13-Aug-2012, 01:00
Depends where you're located, the US is much cheaper than anywhere else and John's listed the best 3 suppliers.

If you're in Europe/Austarlia etc it can still be much cheaper buying from the US, an you do need to weigh up shipping and the import taxes & VAT on items AND the shipping the alternative in Europe is Fomafoto in Norway.


Jim Jones
13-Aug-2012, 05:53
I'm happy with expired B&W film for testing, experimenting, and unimportant shots, but not for shots that are difficult or expensive to retake. Paper negatives and X-ray film won't directly relate to the fresh film used for the most important shots. Consistancy saves film and effort!

13-Aug-2012, 06:42
Film is still the cheapest item in a photographer's armamentarum. Unlike digital (and 35mm) the time and effort in making a LF image is hardly worth fooling with if one is going to skimp on film.

13-Aug-2012, 07:10
Arista.EDU Ultra from Freestyle. Grainier, slightly worse tonality, and less forgiving in highlights (compared to hp5 for me), but still good for the price.


13-Aug-2012, 07:31
I'm like Jim, I keep fresh and expired film in inventory...just depends on what I'm doing as which I take out.


13-Aug-2012, 08:34
I get it from my freezer. Film's going up, and buying far in advance is a safe investment.