View Full Version : Oh gosh, that's a beauty... But a real beast to own!

Daniel Stone
12-Aug-2012, 17:55
Just doing my normal trawling of ebay saved searches, sometimes things "fall through the cracks" mis-spelling wise ;)....

Came across this BEAUTIFUL 8x10/11x14 D.D. & Sons studio camera. Crank stand and all.... I'm not a studio soft-focus kinda dude with lenses worth $20k and made to be the size of a mini-bus, but if I was shooting in-studio, THIS is the camera I'd want to own!!! Shiza, even if I was an all-digital product photographer, I'd still want to keep it in the client sofa/lounge room off-set to remind them where/what photography used to be made of ;)

ebay item #:


I have no room to store this beauty, even though its within driving distance. But I deeply envy the bloke(or lass ;)) who buys this wonderful piece of AMERICAN-MADE craftsmanship!!!

Enjoy it, whoever out there in internet-land buys it!