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11-Aug-2012, 20:23
I'm fabricating a reflex viewer for a Sinar 8x10 P2MB and am in need of a Sinar 8x10 P2 reflex viewing hood so as to take precise measurements for the purpose of designing the sheet metal components that will complete the fabricated assembly. I live in Delaware and would like to hear from any one who would like to assist me in gathering this information.
The main frame mounting plate I have, just need to add the housing and mirror details.
Regards, Patrick.

12-Aug-2012, 07:55
I have never heard of an 8x10 one, but have fantasized about it. I would be very interested if you accomplish this. I do think you need a front silvered mirror.
Good luck

Jay DeFehr
12-Aug-2012, 10:19
Couldn't one just scale up a 4x5 viewer? Anyone have access to a 3D scanner? If one could make a 3D scan of a 4x5 viewer, it would be easy to scale up and print the housing by 3DP. I suppose it could be done manually, by recording the critical dimensions of a 4x5 viewer and scaling them up for traditional fabrication. I'd like to have one, too. It would be huge! Maybe easier to buy the Sinar item?

David A. Goldfarb
12-Aug-2012, 10:53
Did Sinar make one? You can use the regular binocular viewer on an 8x10 bellows, but that's not a reflex viewer.

12-Aug-2012, 10:54
I am pretty sure this is not a item that exists, but the 5x4 is not complicated, it has a front silvered mirror at 45 degrees and an adjustment arm , in fact ebay has many of them for sale right now an example bing here http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sinar-Binocular-Reflex-Magnifier-w-Binocular-Light-Hood-/120966944300?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c2a31162c#ht_1589wt_952

12-Aug-2012, 12:52
Also interested:)

Jay DeFehr
12-Aug-2012, 13:30
Did Sinar make one? You can use the regular binocular viewer on an 8x10 bellows, but that's not a reflex viewer.

I thought I saw one in an ebay auction with a whole 8x10 Sinar P outfit, but maybe I'm mistaken.

12-Aug-2012, 17:06
on eb.y?

13-Aug-2012, 13:58
Thank's for all the replies, I have seen this item (3 in total) on eBay at least 3 times between 2008 and 2010 I believe that the item was a Sinar manufactured product, one of them even had the Sinar circular logo attached, the reason I did not purchase the item off eBay is that they sold upwards of $700 and considering I would have to spend time adapting it to my 8x10 P2 (meter back) therefore decided at the time that I would rather design and build one for myself. I just can't remember if the Sinar 8x10 reflex viewer's sighted on eBay were built for a P camera or a P2 camera.

5-Nov-2012, 17:59
Right, the project of constructing the 8 x 10 SINAR reflex viewer is under way, have found three photos of a SINAR P product and have arranged for a 5mm Aluminum sheet to be laser cut to fit the P2MB back it's now a matter of scaling the photos to come up with the panel shapes, I guess there will be a bit of trial and error to perfect the assembly, mirror will be cut as soon as I arrive at the correct shape.


5-Nov-2012, 18:07
Pretty nice! I admit, I rather envy your ability and resources to fabricate something like this. Once you get it down pat, this might make for a nice little aftermarket sales phenom.

6-Nov-2012, 08:30
looking forward to seeing the result!!!