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Bill, 70's military B&W
11-Aug-2012, 15:32
A friend of mine has about 200 glass plates from around 1900. He says they are in great shape. They are from a catalogue that sold fine furniture. Is there any value in something like that? Any suggestions?
Thanks, Bill

11-Aug-2012, 22:55
Negative collecting depends on subject. If they are from a well known furniture maker, perhaps still in business, they might be interested for their archives. years ago I was given the negs of a chicago product photographer. He shot anything. Bottles, Machinery, Radio tubes lots of radio tubes, hubcaps for JC Whitney. They were marked Oldhamobile. If you glanced you thought it said Oldsmobile, you get the idea. The only thing that had any interest was the tubes. I got rid of them at a HamFest. It may be difficult.

Bill, 70's military B&W
12-Aug-2012, 12:32
I'll pass that along to him, thanks, All I know was that it was fine furniture, next time I talk to him I'll ask what company. That is a good idea, company might be interested, he's got about 200 of the old plates.

Drew Bedo
12-Aug-2012, 14:22
What about modern day wet-plate photographers?

Bill, 70's military B&W
12-Aug-2012, 15:21
Are you interested in his collection? If so,

Charles 352 213 4127 he is in northern Florida, right off I-75 a real nice guy.

Drew Bedo
12-Aug-2012, 17:31
Interested—yes, but—too much on my plate now (OK, so it IS a pun). I will have to pass.

13-Aug-2012, 00:15

Your friend can try furniture museums or restoration shops. Hopefully his negatives are from Tiffany's, then he can make a catalog :)

It all depends on the manufacture.

Good luck,