View Full Version : Pyrocat HD........Help?

Ed Bray
11-Aug-2012, 01:16
Just started weighing all the chemicals ready to make my first batch of Pyrocat HD and all was going well until I opened the Pyrocatchenol container and where I was expecting powder I find varying sized yellow ochre particles from about 1mm to about 8mm in diameter and about 1mm thick.

I dropped a small one into some water and gave it a swirl and it does not seem to want to dissolve.

Do I have to grind these bits up into a powder? Is this the normal way they are supplied? from reading the COSHH shet they are not very good for you if inhaled so I would have thought that grinding them in a mortar & pestle would not be a great idea.

Thoughts, HELP?

11-Aug-2012, 02:31

At $.60 a liter. I know it's about a quarter the cost using powder. But, what is your time and health worth?
Considering all the other costs that go into the whole deal, is it worth it.

Opps, just noticed you're in the UK, I'm sure someone could post a link to a supplier of the liquid there.

Ed Bray
11-Aug-2012, 02:37
Thanks for the link Richard, the problem is I live in the UK and they don't like shipping chemicals overseas it would seem.

I have sorted the problem now, it seems I was missing one final ingredient that was not mention in any of the formulas, PATIENCE. It seems that the chips do dissolve, but rather slowly and with a lot of stirring (off to look for a cheap magnetic chemical stirrer).

All mixed now, both solutions.