View Full Version : 5x7 - 4x5 Graflock reducing back?

Ed Bray
10-Aug-2012, 15:02
I wanted to buy a Canham 5x7 - 4x5 reducing back to fit my Canham MQC57 but apparently there will not be any available until January time.

As there is a 5x7 graflock fitting on the MQC I was wondering if there is such a thing as a universal 5x7 - 4x5 reducing back that will fit. Failing that, does any other manufacturer of 5x7 cameras make a 5x7 - 4x5 reducing back that utilises the larger graflock system? This would unable me to use either my Roll Film Holders or polaroid back which I am currently unable to do.

So, if you know of a 5x7 graflock - 4x5 graphlock I would be very interested. TIA