View Full Version : What Scanner to Get? For Medium and Large Format Film Scanning

9-Aug-2012, 08:30
Sorry if this has been discussed before. I'm new here at LF.

I mainly do MF, but still do some 4x5 sheet film. I have a Minolta 35mm film scanner and it works great. Now I"m looking to get a decent scanner for the MF/LF. This is not a pro lab, so I think only flatbed scanner fits my bill.

From the web, it appears the most current models are Epson 500/600/700/750. I'm not sure if I should spend the extra to get the 700/750 line. Was looking at the Epson 600. I know this is not a pro scanner, but I'm on a budget.

I also have an old Epson Perfection 1670 for print scanning. This is for both B&W and color.

9-Aug-2012, 08:37

12-Aug-2012, 15:08
I have a Polaroid Sprintscan 45i. I love it! The only "headache" is that I have to run it from an old Dell computer with a scsi card and run Vuescan from linux. But after getting that setup, it has been great. I believe the scans rival what I used to get from Nikon 8000 or 9000 scanners I had.

12-Aug-2012, 15:36
I'm pretty sure that the 500 and 600 are not set up to scan 4x5.

Cross them off your list.