View Full Version : Please give me the low-down on Super Rollex backs for the 6x9 Technikardan

8-Aug-2012, 23:55

I'm in the processing of purchasing my dream view camera, a 6x9 Technikardan, that gives me excellent movements as well as accommodating my laziness in capturing/processing (rollfilm vs. sheetfilm) as well as my lust to have as compact a system as possible. Even came with a lens... but no rollfilm back.


When I look at the various Super Rollex backs, I'm confused, and couldn't find a definitive answer here: does every Super Rollex 6x9 work on a Technikardan, including the old tan coloured ones? Or just the really expensive black ones!? Some are going for a bit over $100 on ebay while some are going for around $700.

I am guessing that I don't have to go for a Super Rollex with a 4x5 back on it, but I'd like to know for sure before I buy one!

Please tell me which ones to avoid, and which ones to go for.


Daniel Stone
9-Aug-2012, 00:01
you'll want the mini-graflok(my name, not sure on technical term) backs, like this one:

(ebay item #):


or this one:



9-Aug-2012, 00:04
Really? I thought I'd read previously that only Super/Rapid Rollex backs work on TKs.

Anyway, if this is the case, then that's good... cheaper than I had bargained for.