View Full Version : (comments on) new Schneider 90mm 6.8 Super Angulon Classic

paul owen
21-Feb-2004, 07:46
Just thought some of you may be interested in some comments/findings I have on the new Schneider 90mm 6.8 Super Angulon "Classic". I bought the lens from Robert White here in the UK a week or two ago and I've just dried the first few negs shot with it. First impressions - WOW! Beautiful results, VERY sharp and with great detail in the negs. The lens itself is a bit of a beast - not ideal for backpacking as it weighs a ton (despite being fitted in a Copal 0 shutter)and takes 82mm filters! It is finished in a matt silver/chrome on the front barrel and looks very classy! Negative points - the filter size is 82mm but this lens suffers from the same problem as the 110XL ie if you use a filter straight on the lens it will touch the front element! I've got around the problem by removing the glass from an 82mm filter and mount my filter of choice onto this "extension ring". Also, the rear of the lens only just fits through the opening in the front board of my Ebony 45SU. It won't fit if you leave the rear lens cap on! Once mounted I need to pull the bellows gently to fit around the rear lens group too! It is heavy (but well balanced when mounted on the camera). Plus points - looks the biz but more importantly performs outstandingly (IMHO anyway!). Haven't pushed coverage to extremes but it will do the job for general landscape/architecture shots.

Ted Harris
21-Feb-2004, 09:54
What I would really like to hear is how it compares to the Rodenstock 900 f6.8

21-Feb-2004, 10:31
Ted, I don't think it compares to the "Rodenstock 900 f6.8" as your post stated. I think he is talking about the "Schneider 90mm 6.8 Super Angulon Classic".