View Full Version : Kodak 2d reducing back

7-Aug-2012, 14:08
I don't recall ever seeing one FS here. I'm sure they exist though. Any other brands fit too? Also?

Thanx for reading this.


Mark Sawyer
7-Aug-2012, 14:16
They are around, and I have a few for my 8x10. People who have them probably hang onto them as they are worth more in the versatility they provide than in the money they'd bring. Backs from the Century Studio Cameras fit the 2d, but not the reverse, as the light trap cut-out from the 2d is slightly thinner.

7-Aug-2012, 14:34
Sorry mark. Most of the studio backs and the 2d backs are NOT interchangeable. Some will work but most do not.

Funny that the OP wants reducing backs for a 2d. Not long ago i had boat loads. I may jave one left. I will look when i return home.

7-Aug-2012, 14:59

I have several reducing backs for the 2D - 8x10 to 5x7, and a few sliding 5x7 backs for an 8x10 B&J that may or may not fit a 2D, never tried.


Mark Sawyer
7-Aug-2012, 15:18
Sorry mark. Most of the studio backs and the 2d backs are NOT interchangeable. Some will work but most do not...

Didn't know that. I have a Century 4, 7a, and 9a, and they all have backs that fit on my 2d.

7-Aug-2012, 16:47
My 2D came with an Ansco reducing back to 5x7 which fits, though not perfectly.

Sylvester Graham
7-Aug-2012, 17:09
I'm thinking about building my own. If I actually do I'll make sure to post in the DIY section. Or maybe I'll post in the DIY section for help--more likely, that.

7-Aug-2012, 18:56
Thank you everyone that may have one for me. Hoping for 8x10 to 4x5.


7-Aug-2012, 19:05
My 2-D came with what is probably a homemade 4x5 reducing back with a graflok on it. I've never used it. It needs to have the graflok removed (unscrewed) and sealant put between graflok and wood - there's daylight showing. Or, black electrical tape. I could probably put my hands on it with a minimum of digging around in my basement.


Michael Cienfuegos
8-Aug-2012, 08:15
A few years ago I bought on fleabay a 2D which was listed as a 5x7. When it arrived, I thought it looked big for a 5x7, then realized that it was an 8x10 with a 5x7 reducing back. The fun came in trying to find a 2D 8x10 back, which took a while, but I am happy with both. :)