View Full Version : Have s/n, any help with lens?

7-Aug-2012, 10:56
Rodenstock F5/6 150mm s/n 6121139.
I got the what, 66-71 mfg date? Any other
help as to specificity?

Gem Singer
7-Aug-2012, 11:06
Hi Rodger,

Jon Shiu listed a Caltar 150-NII for sale, yesterday.

It is the matching lens (Re-badged Rodenstock Sironar-N) to the Caltar 90-NII that you recently purchased from him.

Contact Jon and see if you can make a deal.

IMHO, better than buying a lens on eBay.

Bob Salomon
7-Aug-2012, 11:29
1967 is a better date. By 1971 the serial numbers stareted at 7,000,000.

As to what it is. What is printed on the lens?

7-Aug-2012, 11:31
It should say Sironar or Sironar-N the earlier lens has less coverage & isn't MC although it's not far off :D


8-Aug-2012, 05:49
Lens reads Rodenstock Sirano only. Girlfriend found it online and possibly wanted to gift it to me but knows how picky I can be with such things. As I'm only an egg with LF gear I thought I'd better ask here first. Thanks to everyone for their comments!

Bob Salomon
8-Aug-2012, 07:57
Then it is a Sironar. That means that if it is in its correct shutter the shutter has two aperture scales. One for use in normal configuration and another for when you remove the rear group from the shutter and use it as a converted lens. Its performance converted is pretty poor and requires a lot of bellows extension.