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6-Aug-2012, 20:42
I have a lens that had a bi-post sync connection added to the Betax shutter. I want to use the lens with my CyberSync radio triggers. I need a sync cord for it, but can't find one from my usual sources. FlashZebra said he's never located a place with them. Might I end up having to make my own?

Kent in SD

6-Aug-2012, 21:05
For the life of me i can't remember where i got mine. Its bipost to pc-sync. Then you just use whatever can connect to usual pc sync.

But making it shouldn't be too hard either.

6-Aug-2012, 21:12
Paramount makes one, and B&H sells it here:


Rick "easy-peasy" Denney

7-Aug-2012, 05:25
Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks rdenney!

Kent in SD