View Full Version : Chamonix 45 N-2 ground glass cover sheet

Dave Hally
5-Aug-2012, 22:57
Well, it broke, the clear protective sheet over the fresnel lens. I was at Point Lobos this afternoon, and after setting up my third or fourth image, I heard a "tinkle" when I took the viewing cloth off. The Fresnel lens had fallen off, and the cover "glass" ( plastic) was missing also. I found it a few feet away. It had crescents broken out of it at each attaching screw. It fell out, and then the fresnel lens fell out also. It is smaller than the ground glass, which stayed in place, although loosely. I continued shooting, with just the ground glass, which actually kind of nice, less in the way of the image.
I'll see if I can get a piece of thin lexan. And maybe some thin rubber washers to cushion it from the turned bobbins that hold it all together.
Has anyone else had this happen? Does anyone use just the ground glass with this camera?
I was using my 180 f9 Fuginon and the Nikon 300 M, so light fall off wasn't a problem.
Dave Hally