View Full Version : Help with surge lines in developing with film hangers

3-Aug-2012, 16:36
I've been having recurrent problems with a soft surge line running the long side of my 4x5 negatives. The hangers are kodak (see picture), and the line occurs at the long side of the film that sits at the top, where the lever bar flips over to trap the film in the hangar. The line reflects more vigorous development - I've also enclosed a negative that illustrates it, darkened and enhanced to show the line along the left side of the film.

HP5, developed in HC110 for 5-6 mins. My agitation routine used to be fairly vigorous - raise up holders, tilt left, put back in, raise up holders, tilt right, put back in -- x4 every minute after initial agitation. But this last shot I only did it x2 per minute.

I've thought about drilling holes in the top bale, or bending it out.

Any suggestions?


David Michael Bigeleisen
3-Aug-2012, 17:51
I had similar problems in developing 8x10. The film was loaded in portrait mode, and I had similar lines along each long side. I began pre-soaking the film with a little agitation. The problem went away.

Good luck.

David Michael Bigeleisen

3-Aug-2012, 20:08
after 5 years, maybe more, of effortless troublefree hanger / tank development
i started having lines from the bale and sides out of the blue ...
no new developer, no new technique just RANDOM, after ruining a job,
i began to tray process everything, and haven't stopped in 18+years.
hangers and tanks are great, when there are no problems, but they are a PITA when
things go wrong ....
good luck with your situation !

(i couldn't see your problem, the images refused to load ... )