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3-Aug-2012, 16:32

I'm wondering what the the little button (in the red box) is for?


Also, can someone provide insight to micro-swing?

I see how to operate micro-swing with the top two wheels on either side of the camera - which swing the back out a bit on either side - wondering when this is useful, the micro-swing does not seem repeatable or as accurate as the other movements which are all geared (well I suppose the micro-swing is also geared, but it seems somewhat haphazard).

I'm also wondering about controls to rack the bed out further (e.g. for a longer lens) - there is a small screw on the bed that seems to have something to do with stopping this movement, I am wondering if just pulling the rails out is how you do it, this seems a bit brutish for such a nice camera.

The stock Wista screen seems pretty OK, wondering if anyone recommends the Beattie 85201 Intenscreen for Wista?

I've tried reading the manual, it's a very poor translation :)


3-Aug-2012, 16:53
I've tried reading the manual, it's a very poor translation.

But maybe good for entertainment! :D

As near as I can tell, the little button in the picture is for rotating the back, although it seems possible to rotate the back without using it, so I may be wrong on that one! I (almost) always push it in the direction it will move when rotating the back.

I haven't often used the micro-swing. Although it is not geared, it is a bit more precise thant the swing on the front standard. I've only used it when photographing something that is very flat, and then it is good for delicate focusing all the way across the planar object. I almost wish I had the model without it, as a couple times when I haven't been careful I have actually swung the back when not intending to.

Bob Solomon will likely check in on this one, and you should get some good answers from him. If you don't have any luck from others and he doesn't respond, you might PM him.


Bob Salomon
3-Aug-2012, 20:33
Why not just call us and order the instruction book? 800 735-4373

Louis Pacilla
3-Aug-2012, 20:44
I've tried reading the manual, it's a very poor translation :)


Hey Bob, It looks like the OP has the instruction book or at the least has read through it.