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3-Aug-2012, 12:53
FYI: I just stopped by B&H to pick up some 120 film before catching a plane for a trip tomorrow.

120 Tri-X ProPacks -- none
120 Tri-X singles -- none
120 HP5 singles -- none
120 Tmax 400 -- plenty so I bought that.

I bought a camera bag also and asked the clerk to order my film at the same time. He did not know what Tri-X was.

But in the end I have plenty of film.

3-Aug-2012, 13:02
"He did not know what Tri-X was"....is this a sign of the times?

3-Aug-2012, 13:03
I think the official singles are going away in favor of propacks, if I properly remember what I've read. Buy as much of every size as you can, as it's not going to get cheaper.

3-Aug-2012, 13:20
trix is a tasty cereal.

3-Aug-2012, 13:39
trix is a tasty cereal.

Silly rabbit... Trix are for kids!

Oren Grad
3-Aug-2012, 13:57
The website shows they've got both TX and HP5 Plus 120 in stock, so it must be in the warehouse, just not in the store. I ordered some TX from B&H just last week - some 35, some 120 - and got it right away.