View Full Version : Schneider Tele-Xenar 1:5.5 / 270 Opinions?

Paul Bien
19-Feb-2004, 16:06
I just picked up this 270 mm Tele-Xenar (Serial # 2907286)
Haven't used it yet on my 4X5 but would be interested to her opinions or comments as to it's specs and performance. Contrast, image circle, best uses? It's nice and small for field use, hence my purchase.

Thank you in advance



Colin Carron
19-Feb-2004, 23:33
Paul, I have the same lens and keep it because of the short bellows draw. While mine is not the sharpest of lenses it is ok for my purposes which are probably not the most exacting. The image circle of these Tele lenses is not as big as their full focal length counterparts so care is needed when large movements are being used. So it gets my approval but not wild enthusiasm!

Joe Cantrell
23-Feb-2004, 22:54
I used that lens back in the '70s to shoot landscapes in the rice terraces of Northern Luzon, in the Philippines. The Philippine gov't made a large poster from one of those images, and I heard marveling compliments on it for years.

Given its size and modest specs, you can't expect much coverage, but I believe the 270 Tele Arton was designed for what you want, a portable lens that will perform excellently within its limitations.

Wish I had another!