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2-Aug-2012, 00:37
Original (1st generation) LINHOF Technorama 617 users - have you got the camera Operating Instructions? Could you send me a copy as PDF?
Maybe you know (shure you do) how to adjust correctly its two film pressing plates under camera back? There are no signs or marks pointing out for correct adjustment of the plates for 120 & 220 film types.
When the plates are set both to the left, then they become symmetrical in relation to the frame window. In that position the film would be pressed most evenly and flat (I suppose). On the other hand, if pressing panels would be moved both to the right, then the pressure wouldn't be even on the whole frame - far left area of the frame may slightly suffer from insufficient pressure. (Again, from my presumable point of view). But then why the panels' shifting is provided at all?
Thank everyone.

Daniel Stone
2-Aug-2012, 01:20
Contact Bob Salomon, he's the HP Marketing rep here on the forum. He's the go-to guy for manuals and basically everything Linhof-related



2-Aug-2012, 04:32
I have already contacted him. He recommended to download current manual from LINHOF web site. I've done that long before. Film pressing plates in original 617 and current 617SIII are constructively different. The analogy does not work here. So 617SIII manual is of no help in this issue.
Best regards.

27-Mar-2014, 21:53
Necrothread, back from the dead!

Was there ever any resolution to this? I also recently purchased a gen 1 617 and want to make sure I'm not set up for 220.

22-Aug-2014, 17:07
Me too! New owner of version 1 techno.... Also wonder the same thing.

16-Nov-2014, 11:07
Experientially a suitable solution has been found:

Place the camera back with the plates up and its bottom facing toward you. Move both plates to the left. In this position they press the film symmetrically relative to the frame window. When the plates are placed differently, they simply do not distribute required pressure evenly again, in relation to the frame window.

Every good wish.