View Full Version : Plaubel & co supra anticomer 1:3.9 f16.5 cm Rare? Any one else used it /got one? 6x9

1-Aug-2012, 15:30
I recently bought a common Goerz tenax 9 x 12 cm plate camera 1940ish in date nothing special but it had an interesting lens: Plaubel & co supra anticomer 1:3.9 f16.5 cm, I have been unable to find any info about this lens but its rather fast for its age?! any one else know of this lens?
I really donít want to shoot 9x12 sheet film on a tenax or use my 5x4 with the supra anticome , as the lens will be soft compared to my XL lens.
So I was thinking about trying to fit the Plaubel lens on a 6x9 Linhof Super Technika or horseman 985 and was interested by what people thought about the difference between the two cameras and the sharpness of the Horseman 105mm f3.5 lens Vs Xenar 105mm 3.5 Lens. Having never used or even seen either camera I have a few basic question that have probably been asked before on the forum (sorry).
Could the range finder in either camera be calibrated to the plaubel supra anticomer 1:3.9 f16.5 cm? I want to shoot some portraits with the plaubel lens and do not want to use a tripod or focus on the glass screen lastly I presume there is nothing stopping me useing Schneider lens in the horseman and vice versa?
Have attached some pictures of the Plaubel lens


Louis Pacilla
1-Aug-2012, 20:06
Not as rare as it is a bit uncommon. Mostly by the manufacturer and not the design. It's the same formula as the Zeiss Tessar F3.5 lens. It will have less coverage then the Tessar f4.5 and even less then the IIb f6.3. It should be best in low light photography and should have a nice soft/smooth look shot wide open or close to wide open. I really like the Tessar formula as it will do most things fairly well.

Here is an example of a Plaubel f4.2 which is pretty much the same as the Tessar f4.5 Ic. A nice little lens.

As far as the Range finder question you would have to have a custom range finder Cam made for either camera. I think SK Grims should be able to cut the cam but they would probably need both the camera and lens to get it right. The 16.5mm Plaubel should be great on a 6x9cm camera.

Steven Tribe
2-Aug-2012, 15:17
May be just a slip from your side, but Tenax was big until the very early 20's when Goerz (and many others!) went into Zeiss Ikon. 9x12cm folders continued for a bit - but not into the 40's, apart from the technical cameras.