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1-Aug-2012, 13:25
Something is wrong with my shutter - an all black (modern?) Copal #1 (I believe) ... for a Schneider 210mm Symmar-S Multicoating ... it doesn't trigger my strobes.

I'm wondering if replacing the post will likely fix the issue?

I'm not sure how to install it or if this is even the right part ...


My sync post / terminal doesn't have the 2 screw down sides as the part above does, it seems just to protrude from the shutter (it does have a small screw rather nearby it though).

Thanks for any info,


E. von Hoegh
1-Aug-2012, 13:28
There is a problem in your shutter (synch contacts), the synch cord, or the strobes. Replacing the socket is not likely to cure the problem.

Bob Salomon
1-Aug-2012, 13:40
Is your synch contact on the shutter facing forward or straight up? All modern Copal shutters come with it sticking straight up. Some companies like Linhof supply a synch post adapter for the shutters that will be used in their recessed Technika 45 boards that convert the post to point straight ahead.
If your 210 has that type of synch post then you probably do not have the shutter that was originally supplied for that lens. If you try another synch cord and the flash still doesn't fire then the shutter should be checked out by a qualified service center like Nippon in NYC.

1-Aug-2012, 15:20

1-Aug-2012, 15:22
Thanks for the info re: Nippon. I've tried the same cord + trigger in different shutters and my strobes fire fine, just seems to be an issue with this shutter.

Thanks again,



P.S. I guess mine does have those two screws ...

should I buy the part and try to replace myself?

Bob Salomon
1-Aug-2012, 15:31
... should I buy the part and try to replace myself?

Not unless you know why it isn't working. You could make a very simple and quick adjustment/repair of an expensive shutter quite time consuming and expensive.

1-Aug-2012, 15:47
should I buy the part and try to replace myself?
I would not recommend it unless you're sure that's the cause.

Examine the female (inside) contact with a magnifying glass.
Since you have other similar shutters, compare the internal appearance of this connector with working ones.

One failure (unusual) for this terminal is that the leaves inside get spread apart because somebody tried to seat the wrong connector.
If that is the case with your connector, you can usually re-tension the leaves using a small needle to press them toward the center.

Another possibility (also unusual) is that the leaves are broken off, due to someone trying to seat the wrong connector.
If this is the case, you must replace the connector.

Another possibility is contacts inside the shutter. (Any of these problems require professional repair.)
The electrical connection between the shutter sync contacts and the PC center terminal is through a tiny phosphor-bronze leaf spring.
This spring can get broken by improper assembly of the shutter (like after a repair).
It can also get burned open by problems in the attached strobe system.

When you tested your strobes with this shutter, did you use exactly the same cords and other accessories as when they worked?
Test the system by shorting the center pin of the male cable connector to the sleeve with a screwdriver or similar.

- Leigh