View Full Version : Chamonix 45n-2 w/ Shen Hao 6x17 back?

31-Jul-2012, 14:05
Anyone using the Chen Hao with a 6x17 back? Any issues? I just printed out a pretty nice pano that I stitched a long time ago with my Canon 5D and it's pretty sweet but I'm pretty sure I could do better with film. 17x41". Finally have my Epson 4900 dialed in. Making prints is fun again.

I searched for this combination and didn't find anything.


31-Jul-2012, 14:23
no experience with it but there are focal length limitations as you prolly already know.

31-Jul-2012, 14:27
As long as you can get the font standard close enough to the rear to focus whatever lens you're using you should be alright. What lens you thinking of? Those 6x17 backs set the film plane about ~40mm back.

Andrea Gazzoni
31-Jul-2012, 22:13
Paul I am using this very setup with a 90mm and a center filter.
It works quite well, you can still tilt the front. I had to put the lens on a recessed board. I find the viewer is often more practical than the 45N2 sandwiched fresnel for focusing.

4-Aug-2012, 10:26
Can someone remind me what the lens limitations of the backs are? I have 90mm-240mm lenses at this point.

Andrea, do you mean you have a hard time focusing on the normal groundglass on the 45n-2? I'm not a huge fan of the fresnel either.

Andrea Gazzoni
5-Aug-2012, 02:11
yes Paul, it seems I am never getting crisp focus. One day I will remove that fresnel