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domenico Foschi
18-Feb-2004, 12:09
I have noticed that when i immerse prints freshly processed in my print washer they tend to float , and to prevent them from receiving an uneven wash , i place the slotted pieces of plexiglass that came with the washer for that purpose . What i am curious about is that after some washing , the prints change their "behaviour " , and go to touch the bottom of the printer , as if they have aquired extra weight. Does anybody know the reason for that ? Thank you .

Jorge Gasteazoro
18-Feb-2004, 13:58
After you have developed and fixed your prints, since they have only been a few minutes in liquid they still have some air in the fibers, after you wash the prints for 30 or 40 mins, they become water logged and all the air is replaced by water, thus they sink.

Simple physics....:-)

domenico Foschi
18-Feb-2004, 15:27
Yes ,Jorge , i did think of that , but that happens also to prints which have been in water bath for even a few hours . I must say also hat this happens mostly to warm toned papers .

Jorge Gasteazoro
18-Feb-2004, 16:36
Did you think about water temperature? I bet in warm weather they sink faster than in cold weather....:-)

Dominico, I think you better stop worrying about these things and go take pictures...:-)