View Full Version : Gum Bichromate in the UK

Pete Watkins
30-Jul-2012, 13:24
I want to have a go at gum bichromate. I've been trying to obtain some Potassium Diachromate and some Ammonium Dichromate in the UK.
It seems that our masters in Brussels have banned these chemicals and have every intention of banning the Gum Bichromate process in the UK and probably the rest of Europe.
It also appears that these chemicals are banned by our postal service even if we could obtain them.
Has anybody any idea where I can find a supplier of small amounts of these "Euro Banned" substances and get them shipped to me?

30-Jul-2012, 13:35
They ship to all over Europe AFAIK.


Pete Watkins
31-Jul-2012, 00:37
Thanks for your help pbryld. It's just getting silly in this country.
Thanks again,