View Full Version : Calling all Norma owners/experts

30-Jul-2012, 05:52
I had a discussion with Frank about this off the board and he suggested I run it by the board.
Attached is a photo of the fine focus knob of my 5x7 Norma's front standard. The rear standard is identical. As you can see there is no locking knob.
In Philip Morgan's Norma CLA video, which I closely followed, he mentions some did not have fine focus knobs but I find that hard to believe.
Frank suggests it may be a user modification.
Either way I don't like it. It's difficult to unlock shift or swing without altering focus.



William Whitaker
30-Jul-2012, 07:13
Later Normas did not have a focus lock lever. If the focus is too loose, the gib may need to be adjusted. If unlocking the swing and tilt locks causes the focus to shift, they may have been over-tightened. They should do their job without your having to exert undue force in either direction.

30-Jul-2012, 23:27
Maybe I'm locking off the shift and swing too hard in the first place. I can tighten the fine focus control. It's smooth and easy without being loose but some more tension won't hurt it.

Yes, I have Philip's CLA video and that is what I followed however his unit had fine focus locks (colletts I think he calls them) and so he doesn't really cover adjustment of my type.


Ivan J. Eberle
31-Jul-2012, 09:47
The one I owned (dating from about 1968, near as could be determined), didn't have them either, There were several differences or refinements and over the 25+ years of Norma production, this being the major one.

Frank Petronio
31-Jul-2012, 11:50
Ideally one finger pressure should lock the movements plenty secure for shooting. I think a lot of students and anxious photographers over-tightened them, which leads to requiring more and more tightening until you clean, lube, and replace parts. I had a beater one years ago that had metal galling and grooves worn in.

However I am duffer, I pay Bob Watkins to CLA mine and it is expensive but "right". I realized I am too clumsy to do it well.

1-Aug-2012, 02:03
My 4x5" has the no-locking knob on one standard (it's a cobble-job, the other standard has locking) while my 5x7 has locking knobs front and rear. The difference in feel between the two camera is staggering. The 4x5 is loose and floppy but useable if I didn't have anything to compare it to. Still on the fence about sending it off for CLA or just selling it.

The 5x7 is smooth, needing only slight one-finger tightening. It's had to believe the two cameras are from the same manufacturer.