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29-Jul-2012, 12:55
I bought one of ebay that ended up being useless. The plunger housing was really crappy plastic. The housing hit the side of the lens and I couldn't screw it on most of my lenses. And the squeeze thing was too weak to advance the plunger anyway.

All the ones on ebay look about the same. The ones in Calumet don't really look any better.

Anywhere to find a reliable, very long cable release?

Or are their cool little timer gadgets to use instead?


Ben Syverson
29-Jul-2012, 12:59
I use one of the little metal timer gadgets. Added bonus is that you can set up the camera much farther away!

Tim Meisburger
29-Jul-2012, 16:54
I have an old German clockwork self-timer. It fits on the end of the cable release and seems pretty reliable. Not sure where you could find one.

29-Jul-2012, 18:14
If you can find an air release you can cut surgical tubing to any reasonable length. But you'll have to keep a straight face while stomping on the bulb. I managed to find a de Groff cylinder a couple years ago and it works great.

29-Jul-2012, 21:21
You can get a cable release extension (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/762112-REG/Dot_Line_DL_1496_Cable_Release_Extension.html for example) to get more clearance to use either an air bulb or one of the mechanical self timer mentioned above. They do make fairly long standard cable releases as well (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/117427-REG/General_Brand_SR746_Vinyl_Cable_Release_with.html).

Unfortunately the mechanical self timers seem hard to find new? You can see one here: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/63958-REG/General_Brand__Accessory_Self_Timer_fits.html

30-Jul-2012, 05:16
glennview has mechanical self timers ...
they aren't new, and he charges market price.
degoff pistons are the best, but these days
kind of hard to find...

Drew Bedo
30-Jul-2012, 06:48
What about an un-paid intern?

1-Aug-2012, 11:48
I've used an auto-knips self timer, and it works out ok.

Or a Super Graphic with a working shutter solenoid, that can be tripped with a flash cable if hooked up right you could even do wireless release.

Bill Burk
1-Aug-2012, 17:11
I like the Kodak Auto-Release, it's robust and strong. There always seem to be a few available.

You could rig a thread. But even this poses a problem unique for LF photograpers... You can SEE it in the picture!

p.s. I work for Kodak but the opinions and positions I take are not necessarily those of EKC