View Full Version : Claron 240 F9 lens coverage

10-Jun-1999, 02:03
wil the Schneider G Claron 240 F9 cover 8*10?

Ron Shaw
10-Jun-1999, 11:18
The info I have says the G-Claron 240mmf9 will cover 14x17, a 598mm image circle, 64 deg. angle of coverage.

Erik Ryberg
10-Jun-1999, 13:30
Yes, Ron, but not at infinity. At infinity the 240 specs show a 298 mm circle which is short of 8x10. Judging from David's other postings here, I think he may be interested in infinity focus sometimes. Schneider may be modest about the coverage of this lens, however.

Erik Ryberg
16-Jun-1999, 11:39
There is currently a discussion on rec.photo.equipment.large-format where a number of people who claim to own the 240 Claron swear that it covers 8x10 fine.

sheldon hambrick
26-Aug-1999, 20:19
According to many (in cluding Ron Wisner) the G-Clarons will cover 80deg @ f45. So the 240 will have more than engouh for 8x10.