View Full Version : Super Angulon 75mm f5.6 MC on 5x7

Ed Bray
28-Jul-2012, 08:29
Bit bored earlier today so I tried out my 75mm Super Angulon f5.6 on my 5x7 Plaubel just to see how much it wouldn't cover.

Schnieder gives the image circle diameter for the 75mm at f22 as 198mm which is a bit short of the 212mm required to cover the 5x7 format.

I did stop the lens down to f45 to give it every chance of covering and used a Schneider IIIb centre filter too.

The image is just going off at the corners, but apart from that I am quite pleased with the wider angle obtained. Just need to find a 65mm or shorter focal length now with a siimilar sized image circle.


3-Aug-2012, 01:30

i only have a 90mm for wide.. 210mm is here 2 days ago.. may get a 47mm in the future.. i like wide angles