View Full Version : Adapting lenses from a Calumet 400 and a Sinar F2????

28-Jul-2012, 08:06
I hae a Sinar F2 and a Calumet c400. The Sinar has 6" lensboards and the C400 has 4" boards.
Does anyone know if there is an adapter so I can use my lens on both cameras with out having to change boards?

David A. Goldfarb
28-Jul-2012, 08:22
Most likely, you would have to make such an adapter out of a Sinar lensboard (which is more like 5-1/4" square with rounded corners and a light trap).

Joseph Dickerson
28-Jul-2012, 08:34
Not that hard to do, but if you prefer to not diy try S.K. Grimes. They could make one for you.


28-Jul-2012, 08:34
I have made one myself. But i don't believe I have it anymore. It isn't particularly difficult.

28-Jul-2012, 09:23
I work with wood for a living so I could easily produce a wooden version.
Would I make a board that fits the small camera and then make a way to attach those lensboards to a sinar board?
As far as having an effect on the focal length, would it mainly effect the short focal length lens...

Dan Fromm
28-Jul-2012, 09:28
Grrr! No effect on focal length. There are very few varifocal or zoom lenses for LF. The adapter will add a little extension, may (great stress may) make focusing some short lens or other to infinity impossible.

28-Jul-2012, 11:57
Well, then it may (great stress may) have an effect on focal length. It will extend to lens forward and may make focusing to infinity on a short F/L length lens problematic. I'm not sure what you mean about zoom lenses.

E. von Hoegh
28-Jul-2012, 12:26
The lensbord cannot change the focal length of a lens.

David A. Goldfarb
28-Jul-2012, 13:14
The focal length is a property of the lens--the distance from the rear node to the image plane when focused at infinity--that doesn't have anything to do with the way it is mounted.

What you're concerned about is that you may not be able to focus to infinity with some wide lenses, if the adapter board adds too much extension to the system. Solutions involve reducing the extension in other ways, like using a bag bellows or recessed lens board. With the double-bag bellows on a Sinar, you can get the front and rear standard to touch and still be able to apply rise and shift. What's your widest lens?