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28-Jul-2012, 04:24
Anyone knows where to buy Linhof spares in the EU?
more specifically, I need the diminutive donut shaped spring inside the lock on the folding viewer for a Technika (it doesn't close without it). Further, I would like a couple extra guides for the ground glass assembly.

I have tried my local Linhof distributer - no luck of course.

Bob Salomon
28-Jul-2012, 05:50
Linhof factory in Munich would be one place to start.

28-Jul-2012, 06:17
haha, yes Bob :)
Do you know - from experience - whether they actually sell this kind of pixi parts to private individuals?
... I had the impression, that the only option in Munich was to deliver the camera for repair and have them 'fix' the problems. But hopefully I'm mistaken.

Bob Salomon
28-Jul-2012, 07:31
To make sure you should ask them. But they did sell parts to someone in the USA last week.

28-Jul-2012, 09:21
The Linhof factory will help you! Just mail or phone them and they will send you the parts you need. I made good experience with them!
When my camera had a problem with a part, i just visited the factory and they adjusted it for free!

Miguel Coquis
29-Jul-2012, 12:48
Very nice response from Linhof on my experience, when spare parts are small and easy to do repair by customer, they ship them for free.
Send a message to Linhof repairing center, show yourself and describe the problem, also, include the serial number for your camera. That will help.
Bonne chance (merde !!!).

29-Jul-2012, 13:36
Linhof Studio in London.

Very helpful people and very quick to dispatch....assuming it's in stock !

Image House
204 Leigh Road
Leigh on Sea Essex SS9 1BS
tel: 01702 716116 fax: 01702 716 662

I'm not associated with them in any way other than being a very satisfied customer.


Thomas Greutmann
29-Jul-2012, 23:37
Contact the Linhof factory in Munich by email (on their website) and describe your problems. My experience is that they are very helpful. I got small spare parts from then directly for free. If the parts you need are officially listed in the Linhof catalog they will refer you to an authorized dealer.

Greetings, Thomas

30-Jul-2012, 01:00
Thanks everybody! really valuable info (as usual)