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26-Jul-2012, 17:35
I have a Sinar F2 and have been wondering about the Sinar shutters. Are they the same as A Sinar DB shutter?
What are the advantages to this set up?

Louis Pacilla
26-Jul-2012, 19:05
There are so many general threads on Sinar Copal Shutters. I nicely suggest you do a "thread search" on "Sinar Copal Shutters". You may also try a Google search and see if you can pull some official Sinar catalog/pamphlet information and read up on the shutters.
Here are a few threads have a read!
This Sinar Copal Shutter instruction booklet ia from Camera Eccentric. A great resource.

26-Jul-2012, 19:14
Generally speaking, any of the Sinar shutters will work on your F2. But I would recommend staying away from the electronic shutters, which are designed for a dedicated studio environment.

The original version was the Sinar Shutter, in olive paint, for the Norma. It does not have the adjuster on the side for aperture, which one would not use anyway except with DB-mounted lenses. The Norma did not use the DB system for actuating the aperture using the cable release; instead, it used a separate actuator mounted on the lens board.

The later version is the Sinar Auto-Aperture shutter, which is contemporary with the F and P series cameras. The presence of the aperture control is of no consequence without a DB-mounted lens, but neither does it get in the way.

There is a cable release for the shutter, another cable to connect to the back (to prevent opening the shutter for focusing with a film holder inserted), and a flash synch pigtail. The cable to the rear is optional, but the main cable release is not--no regular cable release will do.

There were a couple of versions in terms of size, and some are calibrated to f/5.6 and others to f/4. Again, this is not big deal if you aren't intended to integrate DB-mounted lenses.

The shutter mounts on the back of the front standard, and the bellows mounts to the shutter. One can mount any lens in front of it, as long as the lens is close enough so that the opening is sufficient to avoid vignetting. The aperture is in the lens mounting, and the f-stop setting on the auto-aperture shutter operates the aperture in a DB-mount. There is no aperture in the shutter, despite that control. The design intent was to provide access to all lens controls from behind the camera.

Rick "who has an f/5.6 Auto-Aperture version" Denney

Alan Gales
26-Jul-2012, 21:46
Just to add to what Rick said, make sure if you buy a Sinar Shutter that you get the cable release with it. They are hard to find used and very expensive new.

28-Jul-2012, 02:05
Just to add to the above...

One can mount any lens in front of it, as long as the lens is close enough so that the opening is sufficient to avoid vignetting.

Also as long as the back of the lens does not protrude so far, it scratches or blocks the shutter blades.

Maybe the folk here can answer one query: what use is the screw thread facing the front of the shutter (lining the aperture)? Is it meant to take a lens or something? I have found that shutters of different vintage have slightly different diameters. Might be important for some.