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26-Jul-2012, 11:41
Got a Heliar 360mm lens couple of years ago, since then I have been thinking about using Sinar shutter on my Chamonix 8X10. I had some discussion with the owner of Chamonix, and came up with a solution. It is not perfect, but it uses the sinar shutter in the most natural way.

The Chamonix uses a removable front standard, which could be a bad thing or a good thing, in this case an advantage.

I bought a sinar front standard, and kept only the frame, and had the factory build a U shape frame around the sinar frame. And I had the factory made a bellow connects to the back of sinar shutter.

Lens -> Front standard with sinar frame-> Sinar shutter->Bellow->rear standard.

There is one disadvantage, due to the long sinar shutter release cable, the frame can not tilt up, the movement which I don't really need. It has all other movements.

Overall, I like this configuration. I will upload photos tonight.

26-Jul-2012, 17:25
I am interested to see what you came up with.
I have a Sinar F2 and have wondered about the Sinar shutters.

evan clarke
26-Jul-2012, 17:47
I have a Sinar shutter which I can mount on my Shenhao XPO and my Chamonix 11x14..

26-Jul-2012, 19:15

6-Aug-2012, 17:48
I use the Sinar Shutter with a 36cm Heliar, mainly on Sinar Normas, but also on my Tacky Hara 10x8" where I have to carry the gear

I made the firm decision to place the shutter behind the front standard to keep the CoG as far back as possible - This means the DB aperture mounting needs to be removed, done by removeing the two screws which are found by removing the panel at the outside of the aperture mechanism, carefully - Pix follow and I will send drgs etc for anyone else who needs to do this

78399 78400 78401 78402

Edit = PS - Ooops, one pic went sideways, swinging your head is easier than me replacing it
PPS - The bellows have have a Sinar bellows end frame and there is a home made Sinar fitting thingie at the rear of the front standard to allow the Sinar Shutter to be dismounted and the bellows fitted for use in the fjord without the Sinar Shutter
PPPS - The Sinar Shutter is the ultimate accessory for LF work, that is in my not very humble opinion


9-Aug-2012, 10:08
I would like more detail on how to remove the DB aperture mechanism on a Sinar. This will really open up some more options.

Ken Lee
9-Aug-2012, 15:16
I would like more detail on how to remove the DB aperture mechanism on a Sinar. This will really open up some more options.

When we set the aperture to wide-open, that feature is disabled. What interference are you experiencing ?