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Kevin J. Kolosky
25-Jul-2012, 17:06
Not too many people here seem to have much to say about developing in tanks with hangers.

I haven't done it in years because I could never get rid of the surge problem no matter how hard I tried.

Anybody doing it with sucess and no surge?

Gem Singer
25-Jul-2012, 18:58
Hi Kevin,

Been using stainless steel hanger and tanks for several years for developing B&W 4x5 and 5x7 film in Pyrocat-HD, in total darkness.

Presoak. Agitate continuously during the first minute, then for fifteen seconds during each ensuing minute, until the developing time expires.

The agitation pattern is: lift all of the film hangers at once and tilt them backwards approx. 45 degrees. Then, lift again and tilt them forward approx. 45 degrees.

Allow the hangers to sit motionless in the tank for a minute before executing the next agitation procedure.

The lifting and tilting should be accomplished within fifteen seconds. Smooth and easy. No need to lift the film completely out of the tank during each agitation.

Surge marks from SS hangers are usually caused by developer being pumped through the drain holes in the hangers during vigorous straight up and down agitation.

25-Jul-2012, 21:20
I only lift the hangers about an inch, then down.

Agitation need not be vigorous to be effective; in fact that can cause undesirable results.

- Leigh

Mark Sampson
26-Jul-2012, 09:37
Find the (probably out-of-print) Kodak publication 'Photography with Large-format Cameras' and you will have excellent illustrated instructions. (I learned that method on my first real job and only discovered the book later.) I'd also say that I never got good results with the multiple-sheet hangers (4-up 4x5).