View Full Version : rotary development speed?

25-Jul-2012, 14:03

This is purely out of curiosity and for my own learning purposes.

I have been using a uniroller base so far and I have been quite happy with the results. It reverses direction every 1.25 turns or so and works fine.

I came across a "color by beseler" base today and wow....that spins much faster than my uniroller and it reverses every 1.25 turns. So that got me thinking, since both my rotary bases (the Uniroller and the Chromega) spin much slower.

I wonder what the effect of the RPM is on the development process? Is one better than the other?

With the Uniroller base, so far, I have cut development time by 15% and I can decent results, but I don't really have a good baseline to judge if I can get better results by changing my development strategy (I am fairly new to LFF).

I would appreciate any inputs here.