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Mark Sampson
25-Jul-2012, 09:32
I was recently given a Nikor 4x5 film developing tank. (To those of you unfamiliar with it, it's a large version of the stainless tanks we all learned to process 35mm and roll film in.) I have processed LF film in deep tanks, nitrogen-burst sink lines, Kreonites, Versamats, a Wing-Lynch, trays, and a few methods I've forgotten about. But I've never used a daylight sheet-film tank. And of course any instructions are long gone.
(If it matters, I use TXP-320 and Pyrocat-MC developer... there's nothing unusual about my general practice.)
Before I begin testing the tank, I'd like to hear about any user's experiences. Tips, no-nos, etc. Fine points of procedure and stories of disasters are both welcome...

E. von Hoegh
25-Jul-2012, 09:46
If you can read this, it may help - http://www.apug.org/forums/attachments/darkroom-equipment/5376d1154234180-nikor-cut-film-tank-nikor4x5tanksm.jpg.att

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
25-Jul-2012, 10:10

Mark Sampson
25-Jul-2012, 12:37
Well, I guess that answers it. Thanks Jason! (As I'm not an apug member, I can't read Mr. Von Hoegh's link.)

David A. Goldfarb
26-Jul-2012, 14:02
By all means do read the instruction sheet. It's been posted in a couple of different formats on APUG. I can't recall if I've posted it here (I would, but it's on a drive at home, and I'm not at home at the moment). I managed to get a copy after figuring it out by trial and error, and it would have saved lots of time just to have read the sheet to learn how to adjust the reel properly and how to load the sheets. A couple of key points--adjust the height of the reel so there's about 1/16" clearance for the film, or just enough to move a bit, but not so much that it will come out of the groove when you invert the tank. Load sheets emulsion side in and curve them a bit as you load, and they'll slide right in. Also, if you don't have the metal band to keep the sheets from creeping out, you can use a rubber band.

Gary Beasley
26-Jul-2012, 15:32
I've found I get better results if I don't mess with filling the tank through the lid, I have other big 120 tanks the reel fits in and simply fill the tank with developer while the reel is stashed in another tank. Drop it in the soup with lights out and do the same for the fix cycle which is put in the extra tank, doing the rinse out in the dark in between. That also makes sure the liquid levels are right as you can see where it's at prior to starting the work.

David A. Goldfarb
26-Jul-2012, 17:37

Here's the instruction sheet.